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If you are interested in trying out a corset, you will need to understand how to buy and what to buy depending on your purpose for wearing a corset. Believe it or not, but women wear corsets for a number of different reasons. Depending on your reason for a corset, you will have to take some things into consideration when you go shopping.

So why do you want to wear one?

Are you trying to be sexy in the bedroom or are you trying to physically make your waist slimmer (also known as waist training). If you are just messing around with wearing a corset for foreplay or as part of a costumer, you can get away with wearing the plastic boning. Plastic is lighter, cheaper, easier to find, and has a lot more variety in the world of corsets.

If you are thinking more in terms of making your waist physically smaller, you are going to need something a little more intense in order to squeeze those vital organs into a new location. Steel boning costs more money, but it’s worth it. Steel is also the way to go if you are thinking about wearing your corset on a regular basis since it is more comfortable than plastic and will last longer. But if you are serious about waist training, you need to go for a double boned corset. They provide more support and can seriously be cinched tight.


How much support are you thinking?

There are two kinds of corsets as far as fitting goes: over-bust and under-bust. Over-bust corsets will cover your breasts and under-bust only go up to your breasts. It is harder to order an over-bust corset or just buy one off the rack since there are more specific dimensions of your body at play. You would have to ensure that the corset not only will work for your waist, but also will appropriately fit your breasts.


Make sure you are getting the right size.

This is especially critical if you are considering waist training. A plastic boned corset can shave off an inch or two. A steel corset can shave off four or five inches. A double steel corset can go up to seven inches. Every kind of corset will have specific measuring techniques to guarantee that the corset you are buying will fit your physique now and will help get you the end goal you are after. Use a tape measure to take your dimensions ind order to see what size you should be. If you can try on a corset that would be the best plan. Ordering online can be risky business, especially since there are so many Asian brands flooded into online retailers like Amazon. The issue with the Asian-made corsets is that they are meant to fit the average Asian woman’s physique which is not the same as the average American woman’s physique.

When you try on your corset look for the following:

  • Your corset can be cinched all the way without you feeling like you are dying.
  • Your corset should be kind of comfortable. I mean no corset is going to be like pajama-level comfortable, but you shouldn’t want to cry while you are wearing it either.
  • You should love your corset. You should be able to look in the mirror and think of how amazing and confident it makes you look. If you don’t like your appearance in one or you are self-conscious, a corset may not be a good purchase for you.
  • Your corset shouldn’t fall apart at the seams when you try it on. If the quality is completely shoddy, it will be a waste of money. Even the cheaper plastic corsets can be made of good material. For the double steel waist trainers, there should be more than one layer of fabric to double up on the sturdiness.

I started writing this blog about corsets kind of due to a morbid fascination. I had seen the propaganda from the 19th century that had demonstrated warped rib cages and declared all of the horrible side effects that had come from wearing the corset. Read More…


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