Kimmy K and the Corset Revival


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While the world has been continually inundated with the Kardashians thanks to the show Keeping up with the Kardashians, they have pushed themselves on the world way beyond a reality television show. We have them in every People Magazine. They are on news shows whether they are news or not. And thanks to the pairing with rapping pariah Kanye West, we know how them in popular music. But there is another thing that we have to thank them for. That is the revival in popularity of tightlacing, which is now cleverly marketed as “waist training.” As if waist training is a different thing. It is literally squeezing your waist in an effort to make it appear smaller.


Kim Kardashian’s Famous Shape

The middle female child of the original Kardashian crew is the well-known Kim. Kim made herself famous through a released sex tape and somehow made it through pop culture. She is known for her giant buttocks. But the theory is the reason her derriere looks so enormous is that she binds her midsection to make it look smaller than it reasonably should be.


The Beginning of the End

Kim started the corset revival with one simple picture. She posted a selfie on her well-followed Instagram page of her wearing a corset with the hashtags #hourglass #waisttraining #nophotoshopnecessary. All of her followers were immediately intrigued. Had her banging figure come from cinching her waist tightly in an unnatural fashion? That one picture set off thousands of women in hunt of a corset for “waist training.” What happened next was a picture of her wearing a corset while at the gym. So working out while tightlacing. Honestly doesn’t sound like a very good idea, does it? Since tightlacing makes it impossible to fully expand your lungs, I have no idea how you could work out without taking a full breath.

Ann Cherry

The corset brand that Kimmy K states is the best for squeezing your insides is Ann Cherry. The corsets are available on Amazon and have been purchased literally thousands of times in an effort to cheat health and force an hourglass shape on yourself whether you should be that shape or not. The women say that the results are immediate and they also improve posture. There are lots of positive reviews for them on Amazon, but they still seem like a really bad idea. The thought is that the Kardashian crew wouldn’t put their name on just any product, but I don’t believe that for a second. They are entrepreneurs and are in it all to make money. So whether you want to waist train or not, proceed with caution.


So Should You do it?

I’m going to refer back to the age-old question proposed by parents to their children, “if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you too?” And what’s more, the Kardashians are not your friends. The only thing you actually know about them is what they show in social media and on television. You know that they enjoy making money and nothing is too far from their reach. They will use any means necessary no matter the ethical ramification. So really, you don’t know them personally, they are not your friends. You know that their public personas are pretty low on the moral totem pole. That said, would you really trust people who have an excess of money at their disposal and have no qualms in doing things that we could not perceive of in order to get more money? You can waist train if you want to, but just don’t do it because you saw some immoral people on the television or internet do it too.

I started writing this blog about corsets kind of due to a morbid fascination. I had seen the propaganda from the 19th century that had demonstrated warped rib cages and declared all of the horrible side effects that had come from wearing the corset. Read More…


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